Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. Promote Trees for Torontonian’s Health

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.Toronto, Canada, February 3, 2016 – Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. (, an award-winning landscaping design and service company based in Toronto, is backing a recent study that found a marked link between local greenery and the health and well-being of Torontonians.

The study originally published in Nature compared the prevalence of trees on a city block to how locals self-reported their own health status. It further compared those findings to other effects known to influence health perceptions, such as income, age, or wealth of the neighbourhood. (Source: Kardan, O., et al, “Neighborhood greenspace and health in a large urban center,” Nature, last accessed January 31, 2016;

Ten appears to be the key number—10 trees in a city block. At that point, people begin to have a better perception of their well-being and report lower issues with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or mental health stresses.

Results found that this improvement to health perception is comparable to individuals having an increase to personal income of $10,000 or higher and to moving into a neighbourhood with a higher median income.

People’s neighbourhoods are just as much a part of their lives as their homes. If someone’s home is rundown, cluttered, and not cared for, it becomes less appealing and not very habitable. Neighbourhoods are the same way—without proper environmental cultivation, they become deprived and less supportive to residents.

The study adds to the growing body of work that supports urban greenery. Past research has shown that urban trees improve air quality, energy use, aesthetics, psychological well-being, and even promote reduced stress levels.

The difference greenery can make in an urban environment—not only to the atmosphere, but to its residents as well—is unmatchable.

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