Top Landscape Contractors and Designers in Toronto

Fences and Gates: Our Beautiful Designs

Toronto is the urban mecca of Canada. The diversity within the city expands beyond culture and is visible through every means of self-expression possible. Your home is one of the ways in which you can express who you are and what better way to begin that message than with breathtaking landscape designs.

At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., we are the best landscape designers in Toronto and we have awards to prove it. We know how to take your vision and utilize our expert landscape services to create designs that immediately capture the attention of anyone visiting your home. From the lawn to the patio to the fences we build to enclose the property, we are careful to match each piece in quality and visual appeal.

Services We Offer

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. is a full-service landscape company. Our landscape contractors are all fully capable of executing the scope of any project. On top of our landscape services, we build decks, pergolas, and even tree-houses. And we do it all at affordable rates that allow you to carry out your precise vision.

At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., we cater to our clients. We know that living in a city like Toronto can be hectic, so you want to be able to come home to a beautiful house that reflects your character and personality. That is our mission. We want you to be proud of your home, and we work hard to make that possible.

There are tons of other landscaping companies out there, but you want to work with the best, a company you know will get the job done right. Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. is that company, and we hold ourselves to a high standard of landscape design. Trust us to bring out the best of your home and leave an impression on everyone before they even walk through your door.