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Seasonal Plantings

Landscaping, especially any landscaping involving plant life, is not a one-time event. It takes recurrent planting and maintenance to ensure the ongoing liveliness and beauty of your horticultural projects. This is why seasonal planting services are important in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you need seasonal plantings for urns, planting for residential homes or commercial businesses, Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. offers the green thumb needed to provide and maintain plants each year.

Types of Planting We Offer in the Greater Toronto Area

  • Hedges
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Perennial gardens: native, pollinator, traditional, modern
  • Food gardens, potagers, espalier
  • Rain gardens
  • Pond gardens
  • Annual gardens
  • Urn designs

Seasonal Plantings for Commercial Properties

Customers like to feel at ease when they shop or do business and seasonal plantings can be used to make them feel not only more relaxed, but more welcome. Whether you want a simple urn planter by the entrance, a helpful shrub in a waiting room, or to deck out your place of work with a full garden, we can provide the necessary seasonal planting services for these needs and anything in between. We can also offer and help implement ideas such as decorative lighting to help emphasize and amplify the effects of your plants.

Seasonal Plantings for Residential Properties

Plantings are a natural way to add beauty, style, and class to any home in the GTA. Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. can work with you to create flower boxes for the windows, urn arrangements for your porch or yard, or even whole garden patches and hedge arrangements that give floral expression to your unique vision. Almost any space can be turned into a wonderful expression of colour and individuality seasonally or sometimes even year-round.

Urn Planting Services

Seasonal urns can accent an entrance, brighten a small space, and even be adjusted to express holiday spirit. Choose from a wide selection of flower arrangements and urn types to find the unique combination that matches your taste and sensibilities. Even if you don’t want urn plantings around seasonally, you can still make use of them for special events. Any large gathering such as a wedding, graduation party, garden party, or simply a family reunion can benefit from the addition of a floral urn.

Whether you’re looking for seasonal planting services in Toronto or the surrounding areas, Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. can help you achieve that perfect expression of style and keep it properly maintained.
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