Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. Talks Snow Removal after March’s Lion Storm

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.Toronto, Canada, March 10, 2016 – Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. (www., the award-winning landscape design and service company based out of Toronto, is weighing in on what has been one of the city’s largest single-day snowfalls on record. (Source: Goffin, P., “Toronto digs out after biggest snowfall of season.” Toronto Star web site, March 2, 2016; )

Nearly 10 cm of snow has brought much of the city to a standstill with public transit delayed, flights cancelled, and school buses not running. There have also been at least 200 traffic accidents along the highway since the storm began Tuesday.

The biggest snowfall of the year has come during a period that normally signals the end of such weather. The fact that this is a record-breaking amount of snow is definitely not helping matters.

Not only is the 9.4 cm of snow the most that Toronto has seen this winter, it is also the most it has ever seen on any March 1. Prior to this, the largest March 1 snowfall was 9.1 cm and happened back in 1947. Appreciation of this fact is likely lost on residents who are currently struggling to clear off their yards, driveways, and cars.

Snow and ice-clearing services are offered by Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., as well as by other landscaping companies. Demand for those services has been low this current winter, but it seems there will be one last spike before spring arrives.

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