Lawn Care Continues into the Fall!

Fall is just around the corner and Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., provider of the best lawn care services in Mississauga, has a few tips for their clients to help get their lawns ready for autumn. This includes having us visit your home for lawn care before the first frost hits.

Most people typically fire up the leaf blower and rake their leaves into piles, then bag and dispose of them. As part of the best lawn care services in Mississauga, we will clean leaves from your lawn in an environmentally conscientious manner and get rid of them for you.

We also recommend that you keep fertilizing and watering your lawn right up until the first frost hits. This will keep your lawn healthy throughout the winter and ready for the spring by building a good foundation for the season.

If you’re going to weed your garden, we have a little recommendation that will make all the difference in saving you a lot of back pain: weed your garden after it rains. You might get a little more dirty, but the weeds will come out more easily since the ground is soft. When weeding in the fall, the weeds can be added to leaf debris. This is one of the tips that our highly trained workers use to avoid back pain and that has made us the provider of the best lawn care services in Mississauga.
We recommend having leaves cleaned from your lawn before the cover gets too heavy; leaves can prevent sunlight from getting to your lawn and, in turn, cause harm to your lawn. While we don’t recommend going out every day, you should keep a close eye on your lawn and call us once the leaf cover starts to get heavy. If necessary, you can call us back, or if it isn’t too bad, just rake up any remaining leaves yourself.

We offer fall lawn clean up at an affordable price. If you’re an elderly homeowner, having someone take care of cleaning up your lawn in the autumn can be especially helpful. We provide the best lawn care services in Mississauga for homeowners, regardless of the size of their lawn.

And everyone wants to do their part to help the planet; that’s why we use only eco-friendly bags for disposing of leaves and other debris.

Be sure to book now! Fall is typically a busy time for us, so you want to be sure you’ll have your lawn taken care of well in advance. For the best and most affordable lawn care services in Mississauga, call Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.!