Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. Advises on Garden Trends for 2016

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.Toronto, Canada, February 11, 2016 – Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. (, an award-winning landscaping design and service company based in Toronto, is weighing in with its prediction on what trends are expected to be featured in gardens across the province this spring. In general, the growing prevalence of technology and a desire for eco-friendly and health-promoting gardens are expected to be on the rise this year. (Source: Kinzler, D., “Growing Together: Hot new garden trends predicted for 2016,” Inforum, January 9, 2016;

With technology, there are web sites and phone apps that are helping people of all ages grow their gardens. This lets them tap into information, plotting tools, watering and weather schedules, and lots more. It is bringing gardening into a new generation.

Growing knowledge of how natural spaces can benefit both physical and mental health is also going to result in more gardens being designed with an eye towards promoting a person’s concentration, mood, and overall well-being and vitality. It is a meditative ideal that is somewhat at odds with another growing trend: backyard boldness.

It is a focus on appealing to the senses and giving them a heightened experience. By using music, light, water, colour, and aroma to fulfill the body’s senses, the idea is that it can bring peace and calm into a person’s life.

Eco-consciousness has also resulted in gardens aimed towards lifestyle changes that promote conservation. Rainfall catch basins being used as water features, keyhole garden techniques that favour water efficiency, and plants that aren’t as water-hungry are just some of the ways this trend is manifesting.

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