Junk & Brush Removal

At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. we are equipped to remove small, medium or large loads of junk, debris, and brush. If it is too hard or too much for you to remove on your own, our trucks and staff are prepared to help you clear your yard.

If you have done the landscape demolition on your own, our staff can load and take it away to a yard that disposes of the materials in an environmentally conscious manner. Debris and brush can build up and be difficult to pack into paper yard waste bags. We are able to load it and bring it to a disposal site that will turn your brush into re-usable compost or mulch. We will leave you with a clean and clear yard, let us help you achieve that peace of mind.

If you require demolition, we are equipped to help in a safe and conscientious manner. Check our link on demolition for more information, call us for an estimate or a chat on how best to proceed.

Call us to get a quote on your yard maintenance today! 647-208-5672