Garden Design & Build

Garden Design & Build

Spring 2019 Garden Design: Booking now!

Refreshing your front or backyard with new gardens beds, shrubbery, trees and lawn area is the most affordable way to update your outdoor living space and increase the value of your home. Plants and trees are nature’s garden structures and we can help them work for you.

Garden design is both an art and a science. At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc., our mission is to plant a beautiful landscape that will compliment your neighbourhood and property which is hardy and functional.

Express your personality and style with colour, texture, and form. When reimagining your landscape, consider your favourite plants and colours. Hot beds burning with reds and oranges will look great with white or red brick homes. Cool shades of purple mixed with white tones and silvery leaves match with today’s contemporary greys. Landscapes can be leafy and lush, minimal with succulents and architectural pruning, wisps and swaths of various ornamental grasses. Consider planting your favorite trees, ones that will ameliorate our urban forest and leave a legacy for future generations.

Refresh your front or backyard with our garden trends for 2019:

Do you prefer one style over another, or a blend of two or more styles?

Garden designs service ecological functions, as habitat reconstruction and for reducing your carbon footprint. Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. will advise on native species that serve important ecological functions, as well as being hardier in your planting zone. Planting dense evergreen species on the northern edge of your home will break harsh winter winds, and deciduous species in the south will keep the sun from beating on your home and provide comfortable shade. Landscape and garden design allows for the forethought necessary to maximize your enjoyment both out and inside your home.

As landscape contractors, we can assist with every step of the garden design & build process. We can help come up with a design you will love, compile a species list, excavate your old garden, supply all materials and install the new one. Our wish for 2019 is that everyone may have the outdoor space they will cherish and love for decades to come.

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