Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of projects does Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. do?

A. We provide services in projects for landscape design and construction for hardscapes and softscapes, carpentry, horticultural maintenance, streetscape installations, storm water ponds, snow and ice control, seasonal plantings, and urn design.


Q. Which geographical areas does Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. serve?

A. We operate within the Caledon, Peel, Toronto, Etobicoke, Halton, Vaughan and Mississauga regions.


Q. What makes Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. different from the other landscape contractors in Toronto?

A. We offer guaranteed professional workmanship and one-of-a-kind designs so your home can truly stand out with 100% unique features. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that we finish our jobs in a reasonable time, so when we give you a completion date, we stick to it. Lastly, we work to accommodate your budget so that all prices are reasonable and affordable.


Q. How does Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. start its landscaping procedure?

A. How we begin depends on the client and job in question. Most of the time, projects start with a consultation during which we learn about the client’s desires and vision, and we work to come up with a way to turn that into a reality.


Q. What does Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. provide during consultation?

A. We provide assessments of possible design plans, offer ideas on budget consideration, and can answer questions about the landscaping and designing process. Generally, a consultation involves the client telling us an idea or showing us an area, and we either offer ideas on how the client’s wish can be accomplished or provide suggestions on how an area can be enhanced and beautified.


Q. Does Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. have professional landscaper teams?

A. Yes, we do! Our professionally trained designers and landscapers are fully licensed and held to the highest professional standards.


Q. How much does professional landscaping cost?

A. The price of any landscaping service will inevitably vary based on the scale of the job, the materials needed, and complexity, among other factors. The time of year may be a factory as well. Periods of high demand, like spring or summer, are generally more costly than, say, the middle of winter.


Q. What are the benefits of hiring a landscape architect?

A. Landscape architects add knowledge and expertise to balance personal creativity. You may have a perfect idea of what you want to do, but a landscape architect can tell you how it can be done. This is not limited to just explaining how a particular landscape project can be carried out, either. Landscape designers and architects are knowledgeable in local bylaws and building codes, construction materials, and building techniques so that your dream can be accomplished with as few obstacles as possible.


Q. What are softscapes and hardscapes in a landscape plan?

A. Softscapes are garden or plant elements included in a landscape design. Anything from trees and shrubs to vines and ornamental grasses falls in this category. Hardscape refers to solid materials, like interlocking walkways, patios, driveways, fences, pergolas, or accent rocks or fountains.


Q. What are the landscaping services offered by Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.?

A. Our landscaping services encompass consultations to understand our clients’ aspiration and goals for their properties, site analyses and inspections to establish measurements and reference photos, concept and overview creations so the client can understand how the project will come together and can be adjusted, and the final landscaping plan itself.


Q. Who are Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.’s clients?

A. We serve both residential and business clients across all of our service areas. Among the types of properties we serve and maintain are residential, commercial, and condominium sites.


Q. When is the landscaping construction season?

A. Construction season usually ranges from March to December. The main factor for when the season starts or ends is temperature. As long as the temperature can be considered stable over three degrees Celsius, most construction projects can go ahead without issue. Below that temperature is when the ground risks becoming too firm to properly work with.


Q. Does Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. offer any warranty?

A. We offer a six-month warranty on all plant products.


Q. What types of carpentry/woodwork are offered by Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc.?

A. Our teams can carry out many different kinds of custom carpentry and woodwork for your property. Along with decks, patios, gazebos, and pergolas, we can even make tree houses!


Q. Are the snow ploughing and removing services offered by Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. safe?

A. Absolutely. Our workers are careful and experienced, and there is no reason to fear any slip-and-fall injuries.