At Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. we are prepared to assist in any landscaping demolition projects with our fleet of heavy machinery and trucks for removing the old to make room for the new.

Landscaping projects that will require demolition are:

  • demolition of old decking and fences; stone, wood or metals
  • demolition of old sheds, patios, awnings
  • demolition of stone, concrete or asphalt hardscaping
  • tree, shrub and garden bed removal
  • stump grinding, stump removal
  • removal of excess fill, soil, dirt, gravel
  • old garages, small homes, cottages

We ensure that all adjacent structures such as utilities – as well as trees, tree roots, landscaping, sidewalks, benchmarks – are properly protected from damage in the demolition process. The best way to complete a demolition is to do it quickly and thoroughly so as to speed up this noisy, messy process and minimise disruptions to your property’s functioning and neighbours. Demolition projects are not supposed to interfere with any roadways, alleys or access routes, we will not leave junk lying around or obstructing mobility around your site.

If necessary, we can install temporary hoarding fences, tree protection zones, sediment traps or silt fences as required by local authorities and permits.

At the end of the demolition process, we have the tools and connections required to remove the old landscaping materials. It is important to leave the site clean and maintain markings of all utilities for preceding workers.

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