Deck and Landscape Designs in Toronto

The modern deck is capable of bridging the indoors and outdoors and creating a prime space for all sorts of activities. Decks can be turned into ideal locations for hosting gatherings with family and friends like summer barbecues, parties, reunions, dinners, and more. When not hosting or if you aren’t the type to do so, the outdoor view and fresh air can make decks into private retreats for rest and relaxation. This can be true regardless of how minimalist or extravagant your deck is or what kinds of decor and furniture you employ.

Beautiful Deck and Landscape Designs in Toronto

Spring and summer bring warmer temperatures and are an amazing time for outdoor relaxation and enjoyment. One of the best ways to enhance this outdoor experience is with a deck. Take a look at some of these possible deck designs for a taste of what you and your home could be enjoying:

Front Yard Deck Designs

A front yard deck is not just about providing a way to get to the entrance of your home, it can also create “curb appeal”. This is the interest your home draws from passers-by, the ability to make people driving past point out your home and come away impressed. A well-designed front deck helps enhance the stature of your home overall.

Backyard Deck Designs

Backyard decks can be enhanced living spaces that combine the best of the indoors and outdoors. Fire pits, sofas, barbecues, storage spaces, even kitchenettes can be included as a way to bring comfort and fun to your yard. Depending on your geographic location and the facing of your house, you may find that your deck gets more direct sunlight than you’d prefer. Decks can be designed with coverings such as awnings or pergolas to help manage this as well.

Pool Deck Designs

As spring turns into summer and the temperatures rise, your poolside will eventually transform into a key social zone during gatherings. Whether your pool is inground or aboveground, deck design can be used to enhance the safety and aesthetics of the area. Decorative concrete has recently become more popular for pool decks because of how it can be coloured and textured to your liking while still providing a slip-resistant surface fit for running, sunbathing, and more.

Deck Designs for Outdoor Living Rooms

By blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside, you can add extra spaciousness to your home through the use of a partially sheltered deck connecting to an interior family room. You can even take the merging further by setting up couches, easy chairs, even a television outside for extra comfort.

Small Budget Decks

Decks don’t have to break your budget and some types are highly affordable. Pallet decks can be used to create inexpensive but artistic deck designs. Whether you buy the pallets online or get them from delivery docks is up to you, as is the manner in which they can be painted and finished for that special personal touch. For the extra DIY spirit, pallets can even be used to make tables, chairs, or other furniture too.

Deck Designs for Outdoor Spas

Creating an outdoor spa environment, to surround a hot tub or other comfort item, lets you step away from more traditional deck designs and move towards more architectural styles. Wood is often a common choice, as are things like pergolas for the additional privacy they can provide.

Deck Designs for Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers can be a novel addition to an outdoor space and can be fun to include in vacation landscapes. Since they are such a unique addition, outdoor showers tend to become an afterthought in landscaping projects. Ideally, though, you can start thinking about how to integrate the outdoor shower with your deck beforehand and settle on the exact variety and style of shower you want as well as how the shower space will fit into the overall design of the deck.

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