Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. Urges Vigilance as Spring Brings Chafer Beetles Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. 2016-03-21 11:03:53 Press

Garden Structures & Landscape Construction Inc. Urges Vigilance as Spring Brings Chafer Beetles

Toronto, Canada – March 21, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ — Toronto, Canada, March 21, 2016 – Garden Structures & Designs, Inc. (, an award-winning landscaping design and service company based in Toronto, is advising residents on what to do in the face of chafer beetles arriving in their yards.

The larvae of these beetles are highly sought-after by crows, raccoons, and other urban wildlife, and these animals have been known to tear up residential turf as they attempt to find and catch the larvae (grubs). (Source: Gallagher, M., “Battling the chafer beetle in your lawn,” CBC web site, March 11, 2016;

“It can certainly be distressing for a homeowner to find their efforts at lawn care and maintenance being thwarted by wildlife,” explains Sue Shorey, owner of Garden Structures & Designs, Inc. “And not everyone knows to check or even how to check if they have the grubs.”

The test to check for a chafer beetle problem is to cut three sides of a 30 centimetre by 30 centimetre patch of turf that animals seem to be targeting. Roll the turf back and check the underside for white, C-shaped larvae that will be about the size of a dime. Repeat in a different area up to five times. More than five grubs per square foot are considered problematic enough to begin taking action.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t many methods available to directly get rid of chafer beetles,” laments Shorey. “But the most effective one available is nematodes. Those are a sort of beetle parasite that will kill the larvae.”

The catch is that nematodes have to be applied during the summer, between July and August, when the grubs are most susceptible. While waiting for the optimal time for nematodes, residents are advised to use preventative measures.

“Chafer beetles aren’t as likely to lay eggs in healthy grass, which conveniently makes normal turf maintenance a good preventive approach. Making sure the grass is regularly fertilized and limed, properly aerated, and not cut too short can all go a long way to keeping chafers at bay,” Shorey explains.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, Shorey also advises against trying to stop animals from getting at the grubs.

“The larvae are just too tempting a prize and not much is going to deter animals for long short of laying mesh over the lawn and even that isn’t guaranteed,” she explains. “On the plus side, the animals can help keep the chafer population under control until it is nematode time.”

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